Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday wanderings

After a later than needed start I ran the errands I was supposed to. I retrieved some items I'm selling through trusted vendors and then off for a bite to eat and to hit the grocery. I'll say it in type here as I've verbalized to friends: I'm so glad Whole Foods bought Harry's Farmers Market. I'm not always crazy about the lineup in store or the way they continue to rearrange the blessed place (I used to know the market like the back of my hand, now I'm always scrounging for items). Today was one of those just a little less than thrilled days - they had an island theme (which by itself is innocuous) but they had some guy playing steel drum piped through the store. It gets old fast in that much noise. Anyhoo...they had lots of regional organic produce on special so I bought some of this and that (specifically zucchini, squash, and yams). I picked up more's become a pantry staple. I also picked up some cheese to make my cheese spread with (fresh goat and Tillamook cheddar, spiked with onion, garlic, and or shallot). I went looking for two places in Marietta - and found neither of them. I settled for a local chain sandwich shop and had their chicken salad - great stuff that I didn't have to cook. I noted as I went in the door that there was a shop down the walk called "Cajun Specialty Meats". I took a chance and went in. These guys make their own stuff - Tasso, Andouille, and a case full of sausages and meats that are seasoned. They also have refrigerator cases of bits and pieces of Gulf Coast goodies - Savoie sausage, crab meat, and some other bits. The other wall is a micro Cajun/Creole/Italian grocery. Most of the Louisiana Brand products, some Zatarains (large sizes of Crab Boil available), lots of Tony Chachere's stuff, and most important to me: Community Coffee Between Roast stacked up. The gent who helped me said that was all he drank as well. The shop was small but clean - no funky smell and the tops of the tables that weren't being used to process meat were shining. I bought Tasso and Andouille and I'll post my thoughts on them when I try them. My wife should be pleased...I won't be itching to make my own for a while longer. For the diaspora of Cajuns/Creoles/and other folks chased up here by the hurricanes as well as those who like me got bit by the flavors of New Orleans and can't shake them (I married a native) check them out: Cajun Meat Company

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