Thursday, June 21, 2007

One more day till Friday...

Last night I skimmed the stock I had made. It needed more simmer's viscous but not as gelatinous as some. Even cold it smells amazing. I can't wait to use it in something soon. I'll take it up and freeze it tonight. I've added my phone to this to take snaps here and there...I tried one already but it was before cup number two and things didn't turn out quite as I wanted them was a case of user error and gross inexperience. I'll figure it out. We're prepping to entertain this weekend. We've been having friends and neighbors drop by to break bread with us. This weekend is a much larger party...our neighbors next door and their son, our neighbor across the street, and my wife's former roomie. So I'm cooking for seven. The menu is shaping up...grilled chicken, crock pot mac and cheese (which if you've never done it this way you've missed out on what could easily be the greatest macaroni and cheese (or macaroni gratin if you must) known to all mankind), I'm toying with a brunswick stew recipe but that might get dropped, and something green. There'll be bread and an amuse or two. I might pirate the white bean dip from Chocolate...and put my own spin on it. I'll report back with more as the work progresses and I'll post how it all turned out.

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