Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Catching up

Saturday night was the big to-do here...things went well. I wanted to clean up and fire up the outdoor grill the house comes with but I decided that since it was 98 degrees outside and I'd be standing over a 500-600 degree heat source I'd pass. We roasted the chickens in the oven instead. I glazed them with an apricot jam and creole mustard mix with about 20 minutes left in their cook time. We also had green beans and crock-pot macaroni and cheese. Simple, solid food. I served up the onion confit and white bean dip I had made earlier as appetizers. They were smash hits.

Sunday was an interesting day. I had made a poolish starter for a Pain de Campagne formula and I got up at 4 to make the dough, proof it out, and bake. The bread turned out great - I had some exceptions to the recipe so it wasn't exatly what it might have been - if a little flat. It was probably the best bread I've made in my baking odyssey so far. I'm trying the same formula again as written - I purchased Rye flour just for this. I'm starting the poolish this morning and I'll proof and bake it off tonight. I'll post the results when they are in. Needless to say Sunday was a long day. Had lunch with my sister and brother-in-law and friends at the sister's new house. She's surprising - gone from not able to cook much to a really good cook.

More later today...hopefully.

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