Monday, July 16, 2007

Home again, home again...

Back home and let me just say that the first day back at work was not fun. It wasn't tough but I enjoy my vacations...especially when I get to relax.

So first order of

I'll disappoint you upfront - I didn't take any snaps at the Farmer's market. I had my camera but I was exploring and didn't really think to grab it until I was feasting on a Nutella crepe and about to depart.

I did take pictures here...

I drove to Avery Island and visited the's not a big place but it's well worth the drive - if for nothing else to pass mile after mile of cane fields and to say I've been where Tabasco is made. There are also other treats...

Fresh crawfish etouffee. Purchased at the Tabasco Country Store right next to the factory. I took the tour and bought a couple of little mementos. I also visited the Jungle Gardens just down the road from the factory but I'm still working on those post for another day.

I spent a week in New Orleans. It's been the third week in a year and the fourth trip in that timeframe. My first trip was a good one - I went two years before the storm. My next trip was a year after. In these recent trips I have been able to see the real city. I've found out that some of the tourist traps are also favorites for locals. I've found that as is true in so many other cities - those hidden neighborhood hole-in-the-walls are some of the best food there is. I will weigh in on two topics: Cafe au lait and beignets and muffaletta. I'm not going to do an exhaustive history of the coffee and beignet tradition in the city but I will say that after multiple visits to both Cafe du Monde and Morning Call I much prefer Morning Call. I've visited the Lakeside location of MC half a dozen or more times (I need my fix at least once when I'm there) and several of the CdM's scattered about town...MC wins hands down in my book.'s fun to go to CdM on a windy morning early (pre 9 am) and watch out of town business men in dark suits attempt to eat fresh beignets piled high with lots of white powdered sugar. I suppose it is the little things in life...especially when they're that funny. Now onto the topic that might get me keelhauled...muffaletta. I have had three versions of this mythical sandwich now. One from the capital of muffaletta Central Grocery, one from an Italian place just around the corner from my in-laws house, and this one...from Cafe Freret (thanks again Lorin). Now the one at the Italian place is in a different category - hot/warm muffaletta. CG and CF are both cold. My wife and I shared the large at CF...I managed to put away half of this thing. I love these sandwiches...meat, cheese, bread, vegetables, olives (which I'm not normally a big fan of) and love all put together in a way only New Orleans seems to do. My wife and I held a fast discussion as we indulged in our favorite NOLA date food (it's a tradition that we share one every trip) - we'll be back at CF...and not so much at CG. For the uninitiated let me offer this - go to CG and experience one (don't go on Monday (they're closed) and go early) then go to CF and really enjoy. These are my opinions - I'm not compensated in anyway that having eaten and enjoyed them (is it wrong to even enjoy picking up the check for them?)

There is more to come...but I wanted to get something to you to update things. Back to the iced au lait I made myself (I always bring back groceries...).

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ostwestwind said...

Hi, interesting. I'd like to visit the place, where the famous sauce is made.

BTW: Did you get my "idiom"-translation?