Saturday, February 2, 2008

Spring is arriving...sort of...and it's getting mighty green

As a cook I also enjoy some mild gardening - growing tomatoes, herbs, and other assorted bits to add to my cooking. It beats paying for them over and over...just pay once and go snip. It takes some time and care but no more than is involved in preparing a meal. I found a little gem of a landscape and garden place here...not far from the house and they carry all sorts of plants and trees for a real garden...not the heavy ornamental stuff I'm used to finding - I'm talking multipple varieties of lemons, limes, kumquats (one sour and one sweet), grapefruit, and the like. We're in a "citrus" area so we have all sorts of these - and they are reasonable - I was looking last night for a Meyer lemon and the best I could do was about $50 shipped for a tree - not a plant - an actual ready to bear fruit tree. I called this place - Martin's in Luling for the curious - and asked - they had Meyers in stock and two out of three were blooming. It's parade day here in the burgeoning metropolis of Luling so they were closing early and the streets are a disaster but I hurried over and bought a tree and a thing of fertilizer for citrus and got two very delicious and ripe white grapefruits thrown in for $31 (tax included). I like this place - the lady running the shop knows her stuff and I'll be going back - how can I resist? Affordable, knowledgeable, and just around the corner. I will post pictures...the tree is covered in buds and there is one bloom - that just smells unreal - I can tell I'm going to like this tree...

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